At Foxtail Interiors, we are committed to a client experience that is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. We believe successful working relationships are built on transparency, trust and clear communication and ensure our clients always know what to expect. Utilizing our seven-phase process we manage every detail of the design and implementation from start to finish. Each step helps us deliver the highest level of service and most satisfying results.
For us, success is understanding how people want their home to make them feel and creating unique interiors that deliver on those wishes.
  • Consultation
    Every project begins with a consultation, during which we conduct a complete walk through of the spaces to learn more about our clients’ needs and how they live in their home. We share design ideas, discuss project goals and review the Foxtail process. Following this meeting we deliver a detailed scope of work and cost estimate for the project. Consultations cost $500 and include up to two hours on site.
  • Project Commencement
    Successful projects are built on a solid foundation and begin with collection of all data and details. In this phase we take measurements and photographs and consult with anticipated trade vendors as needed. We meet with clients to review inspiration photos and solidify the design direction.
  • Design
    During this phase we complete the creative work of the project, resulting in a comprehensive design plan. This intensive effort typically takes four to six weeks and includes creating floor plans, determining finishes and sourcing all furnishings. We provide regular updates while we are off site designing.
  • Presentation
    With a design in place, we meet to present all the details of the plan. We review room drawings, materials and finishes, furniture selections and key accessories. The client approves each design element, as well as the total furnishings budget. Any necessary revisions are also addressed at this time.
  • Implementation
    During this phase we place orders, track shipments, and schedule and oversee trade work. We receive all purchased items in our warehouse, where they are inspected and stored until installation. Regular site visits are conducted to review construction and trade work and consult on design decisions. We manage all details, handle issues and provide the client with weekly progress updates.
  • Installation
    Once work is completed and furnishings are received, it is time to install and style the spaces. Clients remain off site while our team brings the design vision to life. When the homeowners return they are welcomed with a fully finished and beautifully designed space.
  • Resolution
    Due to the complexity of design projects, issues are inevitable. Therefore, we resolve all outstanding items before we consider a project complete. At Foxtail, we aim to provide clients with not only an elevated and functional space, but also a pleasurable design experience from start to finish.